Friday, August 1, 2008

Show No. 6 - July 31, 2008

A funky line-up featuring Dennis Coffee, Eddie Hazel, Azymuth and more. Now available for download. Enjoi!


Anonymous said...

Armenian teens, windspeed in "Gs", disgusting references to your prurient interests and infatuation with physical abnormalities...this show had it all! I was rolling.

I really like the first song...summertime something (I'll have to go back and check). I've heard that a million times before, but I have no idea where. Is it on a funk compilation or do you have the album?

The Eddie Hazel song was also very good. Note on that: Last night Betsy and I went to a sneak preview of (Quentin Tarantino Presents) Hell Ride. It used the Maggot Brain solo as the background to a peyote trip. It was a hilarious Kill Bill style movie (imagine if Easy Rider, Kill Bill, and Snatch had a baby).

Favorite Segment:

Aaron: What are you mumbling about over there?

Kay: Babies...

Aaron: Murder. Sex. Murder. Sex.


Kay: Soooo....Radio is cool, I'm bored.

Aaron: Just tough it out...

[This looks even crazier in transcript form.]

The Cinema File said...

this is my favorite show ever. seriously ever. Aaron will have to field the music related questions, as I am merely there for decoration.