Friday, February 5, 2010

Show No. 36 - Winter II : Lost In Stereo : Sports Report

First: It's Our 2nd Annual Winter Show. With Bonus Groundhog Day Sioux Falls Weathertime.

Then: Lost In Stereo, A Brand New Segment Devoted To the Final Season of LOST.

And Finally: The Mike Parme Super Bowl Sports Report.


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Drew said...

Great show! I loved the sports report. I pray to God that is a recurring feature.

aliveinstereo2 said...

I hope that was actually our friend Drew leaving a comment, and not Mike, pretending to be a Drew. But in anycase- it WILL be a recurring feature :)

Wilds said...

Yeah, if we have some sports to actually talk about. Seriously, it's a bad time to be a sports fan.